We want to make sure our work achieves our Mission to ‘Enable girls and young women to develop their fullest potential as responsible citizens of Lebanon and the world.’ 
To do this, we need a robust and transparent governance system in place.



The world conference: Each three years we take part in the WAGGGS world conference to vote on policies and standards for the following three years.

The administrative body of the Lebanese Girl Scout Association  Is composed of 7 active Lebanese Girl Scouting commissioners who are democratically elected by the general assembly for three years.
The administrative body elects its chair and decide the functions of the elected members.
The administrative body for 2017-2020 is as follow


– President: Zeina Kfoury

– Vice president: Nadine El Achy

– Treasurer: Suzanne Hachache

– Secretary: Najla Abou Mattar

– General commissioner: Perouz Toutounjian

– International commissioner: Lena Urneshlian

– Intendante: Arosiak Issa